IHE 01, November 2011, Montréal, 70 copies

MOUNT TUNNEL is a dark film for the inner eye. Having never really listened to what either of the other's sound consisted of, Loty Negarti and Andrea-Jane opted to see what would result from an improvised collaboration whilst occupying 90.3 Mhz Frequency Modulation in Montreal (CKUT) from 21:00 - 23:00 on the final August 2011 evening. The result of this meeting of Loty Negarti and Andrea-Jane's sound signals is the bastard child of classic radiophonic creation pieces that string elements together through rapid juxtaposition, abrupt transitions, moments of excess and restraint until the moment proceeding the sound of a radio being tuned is heard. Loty intended to coax out some feedback by tuning the dial to 90.3, AJ was pretty certain she had done this before, but the desired feedback effect did not manifest itself. The piece was then driven through a saturated section of ringing tones, oscillating frequencies, and grain from Loty; vocalizations, and re-amplification of the signal from Andrea-Jane and a deliberate dose of feedback and distortion from both. Going into the collaboration blindly - without previous knowledge of each other's work, aesthetics could clash and result in an untenable collaboration. It does not sound like this is what occurred in the resulting MOUNT TUNNEL sound piece, which sounds like eking out a path through circuitous channels and direction to an unknown destination that was attained when CA CA CA, who was filming the collaboration, marked the end point.

Live recorded at 90.3 Mhz Frequency Modulation in Montreal (CKUT), on 1st September 2011.

Andrea-Jane Cornell: Electronics and feedback

Loty Negarti: Electronics and Feedback






                       VITAL WEEKLY
                       number   812
                       week      52

Long time ago I have seen the movie Blue of Derek Jarman. A blue screen fills the movie theater and did not change. The only thing what changed was the soundtrack, which tells about how Derek Jarman deals with HIV and AIDS. The movie made a great impact of me, because blue was the last color the moviemaker has seen. Mount Tunnel is a dark movie for the inner eye. The only thing what I have seen is a grey screen, nothing dark at all. I do not know if something has gone wrong with the VHS tape. If the soundtrack has to lead me to the inner eye, that is really difficult, because the soundtrack has so many feedback tones in different shapes that is hardly to fade away into the inner self. Loty Negarti and Andrea-Jane Cornell improvised at CKUT in Montreal at 1 September 2011. The improvisation starts with some tones and micro-electronic sounds and the musicians flow from one sound to another. They develop the sounds slowly, what creates an intense atmosphere as well an annoying
atmosphere. The feedback tones and frequencies are sometimes very harsh and straight in the head that it is hardly to bear. If you like experiments like this, this VHS tape is really something for you. Anyhow - the venue where the improvisation had been played is very interesting. CKUT is a non-profit, member owned and operated licensed FM radio station. You can find CKUT 90.3FM at www.ckut.ca. The aim of the station is to provide a voice for the voiceless and give spaces to lots of musicians with different backgrounds. This kind of free spaces, make this world much nicer. (JKH)
Address: http://gabone.info/audio/rec/mount-tunnel.html

Distribution: http://videosensations.storenvy.com/

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