truco esparrago [tr-017] mubles / grassa dato . split cassette

truco esparrago [tr-017] mubles / grassa dato . split cassette
side a> mubles . oh pequeño muble
sounds by miguel angel de blas, miguel a. garcía, kakofunk, alvaro matilla, loty negarti
additional voices and lyrics by alvaro matilla
composed by miguel a. garcía
side b> grassa dato . los que habitan en la oscuridad
recorded in nora studios, 2011-2012
additional voices and sounds by bloody gory

total lenght> 42:34

released by truco esparrago


Review in vital weekly 1009 of mubles "oh pequeño muble" split tape with sergey kostyrko & kurt liedwart ( released by spina rec! ):

[...] Mubles from the Basque country appear on the other side. Mubles is Miguel Angel De Blas, Miguel A. Gracia, Kakofunk, Al Karpenter and Loty Negarti. Their music can be called 'demented free rock' at their best. I am not always a big fan, I must admit. In this twenty-two minute piece, 'Oh Pequeno Muble', Garcia mixes together a bunch of recordings from the band into a highly lo-fi affair. Maybe some of these tracks didn't consist of hardly any sound, yet had all the more hiss, I wondered. One hears guitars, percussion, and vocalisations, which grow in intensity throughout the piece (not so free then, this music?), but just as easily disintegrates as well. I have no idea what to make of this. It's quite enjoyable, for now. Would I want to hear a whole lot? I doubt that. (frans de waard)