April 2017: Muster Records, Madrid. 
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THE CHOSEN ONE. Al Karpenter with Mattin and Loty Negarti

A ghost walks through Bilbao: the ghost of Al Karpenter, the only wild rocker able to restore the hard core of the true rebel music. From the times running his legendary Brutus fanzine to playing the role of Andy Warhol as commissioner of a tribute record in the 40th anniversary of the first Velvet Underground album ("A Gran Bilbao Tribute To The Velvet Underground & Nico"), he arrives now in a trio format with a biographical single where he bares himself. 'The Chosen One' features the distinguished presence of key players of the Basque leftfield music scene such as Mattin (from Billy Bao) and Loty Negarti.

Munster is the right label to continue the more obscure and reptil-like path of rock from Bilbao (La Secta, Cancer Moon and more recently Billy Bao). Al Karpenter doesn't disappoint and that city becomes a temporary prism through which New York's no wave travels to London to pick up Alternative TV's strident side, while crossing paths with Scott Walker in a surgery where Iggy Pop mutates into a dog.

Apart from barking, the listener will find tense silences, dense textures and intimate reflection by one of the most singular characters to come out of Bilbao.

Un fantasma recorre Bilbao: el fantasma de Al Karpenter, el único rockero salvaje capaz de revitalizar el núcleo duro de la música rebelde por excelencia. Desde sus andaduras con su legendario fanzine Brutus y hacer de Andy Warhol a la hora de comisariar un disco tributo en el cuarenta aniversario del disco del plátano de la Velvet Underground ("A Gran Bilbao Tribute To The Velvet Underground & Nico"), llega ahora en formato trío con un single biográfico en el que se desnuda plenamente. 'The Chosen One' cuenta con la presencia de eminencias distinguidas dentro de la escena musical frickista vasca como Mattin (de Billy Bao) y Loty Negarti.

Munster es el sello más acertado para seguir con la senda más oscura y reptilera del rock bilbaíno (La Secta, Cancer Moon y más recientemente Billy Bao). Al Karpenter no defrauda y esta ciudad se convierte en un prisma temporal y sonoro en el cual la no wave neoyorquina pasa por Londres y recoge al Alternative TV más estridente, allí se cruzan con el último Scott Walker y se van todos juntos al quirófano hasta que Iggy Pop finalmente se convierte en un perro.

Aparte de ladridos, el oyente se encuentra con silencios tensos, texturas densas y reflexiones íntimas de uno de los más personajes más singulares que haya parido Bilbao.




Al Karpenter The Chosen One 7″ (Munster)
Another one from the camp of Mattin – call him what you want, just don’t call him lazy! It blows my mind a bit that Munster has developed a relationship with him, as it’s a label I still associate with ’90s pop-punk (they released my favorite Sicko album and at least one live Mr. T Experience 7″), but I am coming to terms with the fact that anything goes in 2017, musically or otherwise. So, Al Karpenter: I can’t say with certainty that he’s not a fictitious person, but his trio (including Mattin on guitar and drums) sounds a lot like Billy Bao, back when that project resembled punk music (in the blurriest way possible). Instruments are played seemingly independent of each other – the bass might riff for a bit, then cut out, Karpenter might scream at a wall for a second or two, someone’s guitar is strummed with a tortilla chip until there’s merely crumbs on the floor. Very deconstructed and cuckoo, as if one of Fushitsusha’s psychic jams was condensed into a couple minutes of indigestion. So long as this means we’re one step closer to Mattin producing a comeback Mr. T Experience album, I’m all for the indulgences displayed here.

Number 1103
Week 43
 From Bilbao, Mattin’s erstwhile hometown is Al Karpenter, “the only wild rocker able to restore 
the hard core of the true rebel music”. He used to have a fanzine, did a Bilbao tribute album to the first 
Velvet Underground album, and now plays guitar, drums and sings, along with Mattin on guitar and 
drums and Loty Negarti on bass. The label as to put drops names us on track for references (No New 
York, Alternative TV, Scott Walker and Iggy Pop) and I can see some of that here in these three pieces. 
Certainly the element of free rock with elements of improvisation, say No New York, lingers on here 
and Karpenter does that with considerable force. There is quite a bit of feedback and power used in 
these pieces, more so than in any of things it is compared with. Mattin recorded and produced this 
with quite some pure direct injection and no additional production values. Perhaps as one should 
record a fine punk record, except that Karpenter’s music isn’t really punk. Too slow and too weird are 
just two of those things that make it different. Nice one! (FdW)
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